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Stylish Eyeglasses at Indian Creek Family Eye Care

We offer a curated selection of stylish and durable eyeglasses that cater to all tastes and lifestyles. Our collection combines the latest fashion trends with the highest quality materials, ensuring that your eyewear is not only a statement piece but is also built to last.

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Your One-Stop Destination for Exquisite Eyewear in Oregon

Indian Creek Family Eye Care's eyeglasses selection is tailored to meet each individual's needs. Our state-of-the-art optical boutique offers a diverse range of high-quality glasses featuring the latest styles from leading designers to suit every face shape and lifestyle.

Our experienced opticians work closely with you to find the perfect pair, ensuring optimal fit, comfort, and visual clarity. We prioritize your vision and style, offering personalized consultations to help select the right frames and lens options, including advanced coatings and materials for enhanced durability and performance. Whether you need eyeglasses for daily wear, lenses for computer use, or stylish options for sun protection, our comprehensive services provide you with the perfect solution.

The Finest Designer Frames

Indulge in the luxury of our designer eyewear collection which features frames from some of the most renowned fashion houses. No matter what your personal style is, our opticians will help you find a pair that reflects your individuality.

  • Kate Spade
  • Maui Jim (B&W)
  • Tom Ford
  • Modo
  • Etnia Barcelona
  • WOOW
  • ProDesign Denmark
  • William Morris London
  • Nifties
  • Bellinger
  • Entourage of 7
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Kids’ Eyeglasses Built for Play

Children's eyeglasses need to be more than just visually corrective—they need to be durable, comfortable, and stylish. Our selection of kids’ eyeglasses is curated with an eye toward the unique demands of childhood.

Our frames can endure the bumps and scuffles of daily play. They feature robust materials and flexible designs that can bend without breaking, ensuring longevity and safety during all types of activities.

We offer eyeglasses in vibrant colors, cool shapes, and fun patterns that appeal to young tastes. Whether your child reads in class, plays sports, or explores outdoors, our eyewear solutions offer the perfect blend of functionality and fashion.

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Tailored Prescription Glasses for Every Hobbyist

Our prescription glasses are tailored to meet the vision needs of our patients. With functionality at the forefront, we guarantee improved vision, comfort, and satisfaction. To achieve this, we offer a personalized fitting service, ensuring that your glasses fit perfectly, reducing any discomfort or strain.

Our selection of high-quality lenses also includes options for blue light filtering, anti-glare coatings, and UV protection, catering to diverse needs.

From Glare to Glam: Stylish Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, reducing glare, and enhancing clarity in bright conditions. Beyond their practical benefits, they’re also a fashion accessory that can enhance your aesthetic while safeguarding your vision. For people who need vision correction, we also offer a wide range of prescription sunglasses that combine style with functionality.

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Eyewear for Work, Play, and Everything In-Between

In today's diverse and dynamic world, the demands on our eyes can vary significantly from one activity to the next. Indian Creek Family Eye Care has a curated range of eyewear designed to meet various activities and conditions' unique challenges and requirements.

Whether you're an athlete needing sports goggles, a professional spending long hours in front of a computer screen, or someone who works in environments where eye safety is paramount, we have you covered.

Our specialty eyewear collection is not just about meeting the functional requirements; it's about enhancing performance, comfort, and safety, ensuring your vision remains sharp and protected, no matter the scenario.